Your clients all have one thing in common - they’re searching for you as an answer to a problem. But, their problems can be many and varied.  

Establishing client personas allows you to segment your audiences, spotlighting the problems groups of users are experiencing and enabling you to cultivate streamlined marketing that speaks to them on a more personal level.

Client personas (sometimes referred to as archetypes or profiles) are representations of who you perceive to make up your ideal client base. They’re fictional and generalised but to be useful, gathering the right information from your current clients or ensuring your assumptions are valid is crucial. Persona development encourages your team to build a mental picture of your preferred clients, making them less intangible and inaccessible.  


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The guide covers all the best practices for persona research, and the customisable format offers you a brain to boardroom solution for making your marketing shout to the right people. Meaning that every penny spent results in positive impact on your business.

Our ebook will get you asking the right questions in customer interviews and feedback sessions, harvesting data that is relatable to your service.  You’ll be formatting persona research in exciting yet accessible ways, meaning admin to director, everyone understands persona importance. Information is power; use your personas for segmentation, content mapping and lead nurturing, focusing on the types of clients who will spend their money with you.

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Personas can be tricky to formulate objectively; sometimes you might be too close to the problem and need a second opinion. For this reason some of our clients prefer to let us do the hard work for them. If you want our help, we’re here.